Blue Book

Blue Book Full Time


This Blue Book is suitable for people who are studying full time because this is traditional way to study the Knowledge of London. You will  learn the Quarter Mile Areas at the start and the end of each run with points and restrictions.

There are 320 forward runs in total and 640 Radius maps. This is the essential foundation on which you will build your Knowledge of London.

The Blue Book includes Quarter Mile Radius Maps with 6 Points at the start of the run and 6 Points at the end of the run. Upon completion of the book you will accumulate 3840 points of interest.




Blue Book Part Time


This Blue Book is suitable for people who want to study the Knowledge on part time basis or find studying Blue Book with Radius Maps overwhelming.

The Blue Book consists of only 320 runs only. It is designed to separate the Quarter Miles Maps from runs. Please note that learning only the runs will not be enough and you will be required to learn Quarter Miles Radius Maps separately once you’ve completed the 320 runs.


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